August 15, 2016

Latino Leadership Collaborative

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Three leading Latino organizations in Topeka, Topeka League of United Latina American Citizens (LULAC) Council, El Centro of Topeka and MANA de Topeka are joining together to create a leadership development program supported by the Kansas Leadership Center. The program is the first of its kind in Kansas and invites participates looking for a unique and rigorous leadership training opportunity.

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The Latino Leadership Collaborative of Kansas will select participants who will become knowledgeable, organized, and trained to better lead community organizations in the area of health, education and economic development – thus, creating neighborhood revitalization that will assist with building healthy, vibrant communities in Kansas and grow leadership within Latino communities and businesses in Kansas. The LLC will seek participants to train and enhance the placement of Latinos on boards, organizations, committees, community projects and policy-making positions. The project aims to ensure that the Latino community is realizing its full potential by increasing leadership capacity of current leaders and developing new leaders. The impact of the program will create healthy, vibrant and prosperous Topeka community.

The program will be facilitated by local community leaders from various grassroots, corporate and educational entities to deliver a comprehensive leadership training opportunity.

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