May 15, 2014

Mobile Health Clinic

The Mobile Health Clinic is a partnership between El Centro and Washburn University School of Nursing. The clinic provides free basic preventative health screenings and education in the community. As part of the program, nursing students are able to spend a semester outside of the classroom gaining experience serving community members. Students are supervised by Washburn University faculty and gain invaluable experience that will aid them once they graduate.

The clinic sets up next to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. One emphasis of the program is to go out into the community and set in neighborhoods where clients live.

The clinic is to ensure that communication does not become a barrier to improving health. For this reason, the clinic works to provide a volunteer interpreter who is available at all time while the clinic is visiting.

Lastly, the clinic serves to educate clients about the results of their preventative health screenings and create a plan of care. Too often, medical offices don’t have the time to sit with patients. The clinic is able to sit and talk with clients about options they can take to improve their health. Clients choose small changes or habits they would like to make in their life and follow up with to see how those changes have positively affected their health.