May 15, 2014

Community Resource Program

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Community Resource Program

In 1972, a Catholic priest by the name of Father Ramon Gaitan was sent to be the new priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Father Ramon had a passion for serving the least among us, especially our immigrant brothers and sisters. When he wasn’t attending to the many duties as a priest, Father Ramon worked diligently to help those in need in our community.

Over the years Father Ramon increased the time he spent serving families in need until he realized he needed help. That is when he established El Centro with the help of community members to serve the least among us.

Today we continue to strive to keep the spirit of service that Father Ramon exemplified.

We provide struggling families  awareness about local resources and bridge the gap between Low English Proficient residents and the rest of the community.

We provide support in a culturally sensitive and supportive environment with a fully bilingual staff. These services include Spanish-English interpretations(verbal), written translations and community referrals.