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We work hard to make our community a better place by serving the least among us
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Community Resource Program

Our Community Resource Program provides interpretations, translations and referrals to struggling families in our community.

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Mobile Health Clinic

Our Mobile Health Clinic provides free preventative health screenings to community members. We also provide free interpreter services to help improve communication and health.

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Latino Leadership Collaborative

El Centro has partnered with MANA de Topeka and Topeka LULAC Counci #11071. The Latino Leadership Collaborative is a 5 month intensive leadership program that aims to increase the leadership capacity of the Latino community.

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Immigrant Assistance Clinic

Immigrant Legal Services provides free or low cost family immigration services. Our office is BIA Accredited and Recognized by the Department of Justice to provide legal consultations and services.

El Centro of Topeka is a proud ministry funded in part by the Archbishop's Call to Share appeal

About us

Our history and what drives what we do
"We turn newcomers into neighbors"

In 1972, a Catholic priest by the name of Father Ramon Gaitan was sent to be the new priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Father Ramon had a passion for serving the least among us, especially our immigrant brothers and sisters. When he wasn't attending to the many duties as a priest, Father Ramon worked diligently to help those in need in our community.

Over the years Father Ramon increased the time he spent serving families in need until he realized he needed help. That is when he established El Centro with the help of community members to serve the least among us.

Today we continue to strive to keep the spirit of service that Father Ramon exemplified.


El Centro is composed of talented staff dedicated to serving the community

Lalo Munoz

Executive Director
As Executive Director, Lalo has led the expansion of services including a social service program, health program and legal service program. In addition, Lalo also serves on numerous community boards.

Griselda Martinez

Administrative Assistant
Griselda is the backbone of the organization. Every client who comes into the office will receive a warm welcome and find some dedicated to serving families in our community.

Ada Asencio

Ada serves as Interpreter for the organization. She serves numerous organizations and offices with language services.

Adelina Zavala

Adelina serves as Interpreter for the organization. She serves numerous organizations and offices with language services.

Luis Estrada

Community Mobilizer
As a mobilizer, Luis is working hard to bring community members together to begin the hard work of making progress on challenging issues.

"In imitation of our Master, we Christians are called to confront the poverty of our brothers and sisters, to touch it, to make it our own and to take practical steps to alleviate it." - Pope Francis, 12/26/13

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